Every internship program is designed keeping in mind the receptive level and intelligence of the intern. Unlike the degree courses abroad where the student must adjust and adapt to the demands of the program, here the intern is first screened, assessed, evaluated and then a customised internship plan is created. Granted, you might be in a group of 3-5, but rest assured that the ‘one size fits all’ method doesn’t exist when it comes to PP. Once a person is learned enough, qualified enough, experienced enough, assisted enough and has observed enough, he is thrown straight into the deep end. From that day on, his “real” learning and development begins. The very same intern will go through no less than 800-1000 training hours with a variety of clients, of varied age groups, having a variety of issues. Apart from applying the scientific knowledge that he/she has gained over time, the intern will also get to learn and experience several facets of the company including but not limited to accounting and finance, program design and documentation, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and injury management, marketing and social media handling.

From the mandatory track and field program, the important GK sessions and all the above-mentioned activities, everything done at PP is so that you can have a more mature and evolved perspective.

For a mere gym to provide such an extensive, expansive, versatile and holistic, internship curriculum speaks in abundance as to what kind of a set-up Primal Patterns has.

A PP intern may be exposed to, but definitely not limited to the following:

  • 12-14 hour workday (officially 9, but you won’t want to leave)
  • Attending lectures – 3 days a week (in depth – Anatomy, Physiology, Bio mechanics, Program Design, Injury management, Basic Injury Assessment and Screening, Nutrition and supplementation, decoding blood reports)
  • Taking Exams – 1 to 2 days a week (not limited to subject)
  • Formal and informal discussion sessions
  • Conducting Fitness Testing and Movement Screening for elite athletes
  • General knowledge sessions
  • Sessions to improve public speaking
  • Shadowing senior specialists
  • Assisting fellow specialists
  • Seeing 5-8 clients a day (as you develop and become capable of doing so)
  • Undergoing a year-round track and field program – on a proper athletic track
  • Special projects like “HELL WEEK” – similar to hell weeks from Navy Seals
  • Learn and help conduct workshops
  • Option to sit in ACE and CSCS prep courses – which take place 30 to 40 Sundays a year
  • Learning to operate in a professional set up through formal mailing communication channels
  • Conduct seminars for Sports Associations (an opportunity that must be earned)

If you are an aspiring sports science professional, do yourself a favor and sign up for an internship program at PP. Just a word of caution though, a PP internship is not for any Tom, Dick and Harry. You need to be willing to surrender, you must have beyond 100% trust and above all, you must be one heck of a driven soul. If you mentally ticked these 3boxes, you will fit right in and from here, the sky is the limit.