Primal Patterns was started in the year 2009 and the idea of having this ‘one on one’ service for clients was immediately recognised and appreciated. We had our own share of blues initially, but the team of Primal Patterns is quite exceptional and our unflinching goal and drive towards excellence has put us clearly in the map and today we are proud to be a successful chain.

Over the years we have rolled into a well-oiled machine and today we have 3 branches and are still growing. Our main goal is to serve people with utmost sincerity. What started with 20 clients is now close to 300 clients and the number of trainers has increased from 8 to 30 today.

Our vision is to expand this brand of training and culture over the next decade and leave a lasting legacy. With the advent of so many professionals in our organisation we have galloped forward and it’s a very happy place for staff and clients. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. The buzz and excitement at Primal will continue to be the hallmark and client service will be our lifeline.