If you have taken a step into the fitness industry, then the first thing to do is ensure you are a well-rounded professional, with the skills to work at your best capacity.

Primal Patterns is a company that proudly bears professionals who are passionate, hardworking and believe in delivering quality services in every facet of the industry.

Your professional career is determined by the amount of consistent updation of your skill-sets. Primal Patterns believes in providing an environment for aided and self-learning opportunities.

Where do you see yourself at Primal Patterns?

Personal Training

Have you always considered yourself to be good with people? Are you someone that possesses empathy and consideration while working? Then personal training is something you can look forward to in your career. Learn the art of assessing a client’s need, designing an effective training and lifestyle program and executing it with empathy at Primal Patterns.


Have you completed your education in physiotherapy? Are you looking for exciting opportunities to work with some of the best physios in the country? Primal Patterns offers you an opportunity to learn and work from the best. Change the way you look at pain, rehabilitation and therapy while at Primal Patterns.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is a constantly evolving industry. What worked 20 years ago doesn’t work today. As food industries get creative, it is unfortunately, the job of a nutritionist to fight them. Here at Primal Patterns, have a completely new insight into food and nutrition. Learn what the latest research says and help clients balance their eating habits. Short cut fad diets may interest people but its not what helps on sustain long-term.

Strength and Conditioning

Interested in training athletes or sportsperson? Primal Patterns provides you with the best environment where you can learn to do the same. Sports training requires utmost commitment to the profession, hard work and the ability to work with athletes. If you have these qualities or believe you can cultivate them, reach out to us to learn more about the opportunities of Strength and Conditioning at Primal Patterns.